Osteopathy is a systemic manual medicine in which the human is placed in a holistic perspective.

Basically, an osteopathic treatment is about restoring the mobility, elasticity and functions of the various body structures. Biomechanical and myofascial conflicts are treated through manual techniques, which are activating the body's individual self-healing capacity and normalizing the functional balance of the individual.

Osteopathy is based on the principle that all body systems (bone, blood, nervous, lymphatic and hormone systems etc.) are connected and depend on a mutual cooperation. On the parietal level, the supporting structures of the body (bones, muscles and fascia) are been treated. In the visceral system, the therapist is focusing on the internal organs and their mobility. In the craniosacral system, the mobility of the cranial bones and the sacrum are being stimulated.

Osteopathy differs from other manual therapies by its broad spectrum of techniques: from very gentle, such as craniosacral, to manipulative techniques. The entire treatment is adapted to the age and constitution of the patient.


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