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Children are not mini-adults. Children develop on very different levels. They grow, learn to walk, speak, etc. Thanks to these complex processes, children develop into their own and independent personalities.

Physical tensions caused by vacuum, forcep or caesarean section during birth, or caused by falls during growth, can get in the way of optimal child development. This can lead to general malaise, asymmetrical development, abdominal pain, overextension, crying without explainable reasons and other symptoms.

With babies and children, the focus is on recognising and balancing an imbalance and strengthening resources. Only very gentle impulses are given to centre and improve the general balance.

Often small disturbances are unnoticed for a long time and only show up later in life. The shorter an imbalance exists and the younger the person is, the easier and more sustainable a balance and undisturbed development can be achieved. These tensions can still be felt in adulthood.

As a preventive measure, many people recommend osteopathic treatment in the first weeks of life, at the time of learning to walk, at the time of starting school and at the beginning of puberty.

Indications in babies

  • Cry babies
  • KISS Syndrome
  • Cranial asymmetry
  • Torticollis – preferred positions
  • Asymmetric motor development
  • Restrictions in freedom of movement
  • Breastfeeding problems: Frequent swallowing – spitting up – reflux
  • Digestive problems: Flatulence – Diarrhoea – Constipation – Colic
  • Supportive treatment to conventional therapies such as treatment for hip dysplasia – physiotherapy – helmet therapy

Indications in growth

  • Growing pains, bad posture, scoliosis
  • Orthodontics (braces)
  • Breathing problems, asthma
  • Sleep disorders
  • Speech and concentration disorders
  • Support for highly sensitive children – ADHD
  • Recurrent middle ear infections, immunity problems

Osteopathy, through gentle and efficient techniques, is very suitable for resolving these biomechanical and myofascial conflicts in a child’s body.

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