Transparent bill and payment
We remind you that the treatment will be charged on site. We accept payments by EC / Maestro cards and PostCard. Of course, you will receive a refund receipt for your insurance.

Osteopathy is a recognized treatment, and the cost of treatment is partially covered by the supplemental insurance for alternative medicine. A medical referral is usually not required. We advise our patients to check directly with their health insurance and/or supplemental insurance providers regarding coverage and reimbursement of the treatment costs. Unfortunately, we no longer cooperate with the Helsana- and Visana Group. Patients with these supplemental insurances can nevertheless continue their treatments as private patients / self-payers. News about Helsana (PDF)

New tariff structure / tariff 590
In 2018, the insurance team and professional organization of the Complementary Medicine Working Group will once again adapt the tariff structure for complementary medicine. The main change is that there will be, similar to the Tarmed bill, a categorizing of services in different tariff figures, such as anamnesis, examination and consultation, documentation. As a consequence, all prices will have to be adjusted. However, the time scheduling remains the same for all departments concerned.