Craniosacral therapy

  • Osteo X Gaumen

    Relaxation & Stress Reduction

  • Osteo X Ruecken oben

    Rehabilitation after illness & accident

  • Osteo X Kiefer

    Jaw tension & braces support

  • Osteo X Stirn

    Headache, Migraine & Tinitus

Craniosacral therapy

The craniosacral treatment was developed at the beginning of the 20th, based on osteopathy. The name craniosacral therapy is composed of the terms cranium and sacrum.

The cranium and sacrum form a unit with the brain and the spinal cord membranes (membranes) in which the cerebrospinal fluid (cerebrospinal fluid) pulsates rhythmically.

This rhythm is transmitted to the entire body and influences the development and functioning of the whole person.

Changes in this system provide the necessary indications for the therapeutic work with the affected anatomical and energetic structures.

Dr. Sutherland discovered that behind the rhythmic movements of the cerebrospinal fluid, there is a force that sets these movements in motion. He called this force Primary Breathing or Life Breath - the spark that sets the system going.

Fine manual impulses are used to support the body on its way to self-healing so that positive changes can take place. This form of treatment can be used in people of all ages, even if they are in very painful or frail condition.

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Indications for craniosacral therapy

  • Headache - Tension headaches - Migraine
  • Dizziness - Acute tinnitus, acute hearing loss
  • TMJ problems (jaw tension) - Braces support
  • Support for chronic complaints
    • Fibromyalgia - Chronic fatigue syndrome
    • Osteoarthritis - Arthritis - Rheumatism
  • Support in stressful life situations
    • Stress reduction – Exhaustion – Burn out syndrom – Sleep problems
    • Reduced vital capacity and efficiency
    • Rehabilitation after illness or accident