Newborns and Children Osteopathy

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The calm and soothing approach of Osteopathy makes it especially suitable for treating children, including newborn infants.

Children are no mini-adults. A child's development happens on multiple and different levels. They grow, learn to walk, talk, etc. Thanks to these complex processes, every child develops its own identity and personality.

Bodily strains and tensions occurred during birth by vacuum, forceps or caesarean or triggered by childhood accidents and falls can hinder the optimal development of a child. They can lead to general indisposition, asymmetrical development, abdominal pain, hyperextension, excessive crying without explainable reasons and other symptoms.

If not treated these tensions can still be problematic even in adulthood.

A study by Dr. Frymann from the United States has confirmed that 80% of babies do not have optimal mobility of the skull bone. These babies are trying on their own to solve the limitation of movement by crying and / or stronger sucking during nursing, but some of these infants are in need of assistance. Osteopathy solves these bio-mechanical and myofascial conflicts in a child's body through gentle and very efficient techniques.

Osteopathy is also beneficial at detecting emotional stress and releasing its resultant tension – allowing the child to cope better.

Pediatric Osteopathy is a 2 year specialization within the osteopathy field. Knowledge of the normal sensory, emotional and neurological development of the child and a child's special pathology is necessary to treat children properly.


The rotational and compression movemenst during birth may be the cause for deformities of the cranial bones and limited movement of the spine -> muscle tension / neurological influence on organs.

Study according to Van Tintelen Manuel: «Safety of osteopathy»

"Osteopathic treatment in newborns, children and
pregnant women are extremely mild and safe "

Indications in the baby’s development:

  • Problematic pregnancy or childbirth
    Twins – Very long or too fast birth – Breech birth position – Posterior Position (spinning baby) – Birth with vacuum, forceps, emergency cesarean section
  • Cry babies
  • KISS Syndrom
  • Asymmetry of the head
  • Torticollis - preferred positions
  • Asymmetric motor development
  • Restrictions on freedom of movement
  • Nursing problems: frequent ingestion – spit reflux
  • Digestive problems
    bloating – diarrhea – constipation – colic
  • Supportive treatment for conventional therapies
    such as hip dysplasia – physiotherapy – helmet therapy

With increasing age, the baby’s cranium bones mineralize and become harder, so that occurring deformations of the head are more difficult to treat. Therefore, it is advisable to have an osteopathic check-up as early as possible (2nd to 6th week after birth). Then preventative measures, such as rearrangement and / or further exercises can be integrated into everyday life.

Indications in the development:

  • Growing pains, malposition, scoliosis
  • Supportive treatment for orthodontics
  • Breathing problems, asthma
  • Sleep disorders
  • Speech and concentration disorders
  • Recurrent middle ear infections, immunity problems
  • Supportive treatment for highly affective children – ADHD

Furthermore, an osteopathic treatment is advisable after a serious fall or accident. This to prevent any later occurring dysfunction - compensations that could disturb the balance of the body.

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