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During pregnancy hormonal changes and postural adjustments demand maximum performance from a body.

Loss of mobility during pregnancy can have negative effects on the quality of life of the expectant mother and also on the development and mobility of the unborn child.

An osteopathic treatment increases the mobility and allows the body to adapt to the new circumstances.

Gentle stretching and mobilization can reduce back pain, pelvic and groin pain. Digestive problems such as flatulence and belching are positively influenced by the relaxation of the diaphragm area. The stimulation of the blood and lymph circulation has a soothing effect on painful breasts, calf cramps and dizziness.

It is very important to relax the pelvic region and the diaphragm before giving birth. An optimal mobility of the pelvis facilitates the passage of the baby through the birth canal. A flexible diaphragm improves breathing of the mother-to-be, enabling more powerful and more efficient contractions.

During a spontaneous child birth, the pelvic load is very high. This stress, along with the hormonally loosened ligaments and a decrease in the abdominal and back muscles, can lead to a pelvic blocking, which often leads to back pain and irritation of the sciatic nerve.

After a cesarean birth, the scarring of the tissue is often disturbed. Contractile scar tissue is tissue which has a strong impact on the mobility of the inner muscles. These movement losses lead to tensions and changes in posture. During an osteopathic treatment, the perfusion of the tissue is stimulated and the internal fascia "cross links" in the body are released leaving the scar tissue softer and more elastic.

After a Caesarean section, the healing and scarring process can often result in impaired tissue function. Scar tissue is contractile tissue, which has a strong influence on the circulation and mobility of the internal musculature. The lack of movement leads to tension and changes in posture. During an osteopathic treatment, the circulation of the tissue is stimulated and the internal fascial "cross-links" dissolved in the body. This will make the scar tissue softer and more elastic.

An osteopathic treatment brings the body back into balance, enabling faster recovery.

Study according to Van Tintelen Manuel: «Safety of osteopathy»

"Osteopathic treatment in newborns, children and
pregnant women are extremely mild and safe "

Indications in pregnancy and recovery time

General problems of the musculoskeletal system

  • Headache
  • Back pain with radiations
  • Tensions, diffuse back and neck pain
  • Acute complaints «lumbago» or «dislocations»
  • Supportive treatment for chronic complaints
    Tendonitis – Carpal tunnel syndrome

Treatment of surgical scars (cesarean section)

General problems of the visceral area

  • Respiratory System
    Support with shortness of breath
  • Digestion System
    Flatulence – constipation – heartburn
  • Urogenital System
    Menstrual cramps – stress incontinence

Stress reduction – reduced vital capacity and performance

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